About Us

Neesham is a highly respected technology PR agency characterised by panache and a high level of technical competence. Neesham’s team is passionate about technology with expertise and knowledge of semiconductors, electronics, digital signage, embedded systems and audio-visual (AV) display technology.

Based in the UK, continental Europe and the US, each of our Account Directors and Managers combines an understanding of our core technology areas with experience of the associated business context allowing us to build strong, focussed and productive client relationships.

What makes us different?

Our focus: By specialising in specific technology areas, we built-up our understanding of the business environments and markets that our clients want to engage in. Our communications are specific and targeted.

Our people: Dynamic, energetic and highly experienced who deliver exceptional quality of work and high attention to detail.

Our scope: We define and specify unique, targeted programmes to access the best communication channels across traditional media and social networks to help you deliver your technology business goals.

Our editorial contacts: We have established and nurtured exceptional relationships with editors across the technology spectrum. Our ability to readily appreciate and understand editor needs greatly enhances the success of client PR programmes.