Goodlight’s smart LED lighting is perfect for emergencies

Camberley, 7 October 2020 – Goodlight are showcasing the benefits of their SMART lighting automation systems for emergency lighting. Light Boss™ creates a wireless lighting network, controlled by web interface, with simple software to set and adjust the building’s lighting, including vital self-test emergency features that all workplaces need as a legal requirement.

The Emergency Light Monitoring Dashboard on Light Boss™ continuously displays the status of emergency lighting units’ health and pre-alerts operators to check emergency fittings for faults.  Email alerts can be set up to support maintenance teams with their routine emergency programme d0312led - Light Boss Wireless Lighting Control - Fire Exit_smlmanagement.  Lights can also be programmed specifically to respond to emergency events – for example ensuring that people inside the premises have all the illumination they need. Lights can follow the escape route through the building, assisting the response team. They can also light the response team’s path towards people in the danger zone. Lighting can be connected to the buildings alarm system and, in the event of a fire alarm, all lighting can be triggered to 100% on to assist the evacuation.  Battery back-up mode can be activated only when the mains power to an area actually fails.

Areas where automation of the emergency lighting process should be strongly considered are in multiple occupancy dwellings, such as social housing, care homes, healthcare, education, hotels and leisure. In the wake of recent events like the Grenfell Tower disaster, the spotlight has fallen on preventing emergency lighting failures that contributed to these tragedies.

Commenting on the system, Saima Shafi, Sales and Marketing Director at Goodlight, said, “Smart LED lighting systems have the potential to transform the implementation of self-test emergency lighting in d0312led - Light Boss Wireless Lighting Control Tablet - screen 5. - energy reportingbuildings. Manual testing is tedious, time-consuming, costly and may be prone to human error. Our emergency lighting monitoring system enables building managers to automate routine and periodic testing of emergency lighting, also the regulatory reporting and recording of test results.”

It is everyone’s hope that emergency lighting systems are never used, but the use of LED fixtures keeps the cost of this ‘insurance’ to the minimum, and compliance to the full. Implementation with easy-to-use, cost-effective solutions for smart monitoring and control increases confidence that the systems will work when they are needed most.

About LED Eco Lights
Founded in 2006, LED Eco Lights celebrates 14 years as an award-winning LED lighting and wireless lighting controls manufacturer. Their Goodlight™ range of LED lamps and luminaires are recognised as the most reliable, bright LED lights on the market, suitable for commercial, industrial, amenity, leisure and hospitality environments. Goodlight LED luminaires are compatible with Light Boss Wireless Lighting Control for the ultimate energy efficiency.

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