Neesham is a founder member of the Millennium Group with partners around the world, allowing us to extend our approach into programmes with a global reach. Together with our partners in each geography, Neesham will:

  • Develop a ‘best fit’ programme that produces a high gain for your key messages in each target region.
  • Manage the programme, co-ordinating the roll-out of global activities with local add-on activities as required.
  • Keep you continuously informed of the status of each activity in each region, through our cloud based IT backbone
  • Feedback results of the programme including exposure received and metrics to your reporting standards.

The Millennium Group

Each member of the Millennium Group is an owner-managed operation, with a results-focused approach to technology PR. Each is staffed by nationals of the region in which they operate and shares the culture and passions of the technology press community in its region.