SIGA (Electronics) Ltd design, manufacture, and test Current Transformers to IEC standards

Sandy, Bedfordshire, 3 March 2021 – SIGA (Electronics) Ltd, the UK’s leading manufacturer of toroidal and bobbin wound components and associated assemblies today announced that its current transformer (CT) products conform to IEC regulations from design, through manufacturing to final test. Standards including IEC 61869 are addressed by specific conformance testing for currente0101etal - SIGA (Electronics) Ltd - current transformers_sml transformers, carried out in SIGA’s dedicated COVID-19-secure UK workspaces by specially trained operators.

The company offers current transformers to meet all customer’s requirements for metering and protection purposes. These are busbar mounted and used in many different applications. For example, SIGA’s CTs are the basis of Parasense units used in supermarket refrigeration – a huge opportunity in the USA and elsewhere.

SIGA already supplies CTs into switchgear contractors for the rapidly growing data centre distribution industry. Other customers include providers of switchgear to aerospace, automotive, power generation, MOD applications and rail transport.

SIGA manufactures circular or rectangular type CTs, full block or split core, using a UL recognised semi rigid cast resin compound or an IP rated plastic box finish. Other finishes are available.

The broad portfolio offers ring type current transformers suitable for primary currents from 50A-10000A along with rectangular current transformers with primary currents from 60A to 6300A having 1A or 5A secondary. These meet the following accuracy classes from 0.2 for metering purposes and class PX for protection. Fitted in applications with rated system volts 0.72/3kV, they can be built to meet a 3kV insulation level for up to 1 minute.

About SIGA Electronics
SIGA Electronics Ltd is a leading manufacturer of all types of toroidal and bobbin wound components, and associated assemblies. Established in 1961, the company has steadily expanded. Market sectors supplied include medical, aerospace, railways, satellite, test equipment, underwater vehicles (ROVs), as well as the general electronics industries. SIGA can manufacture and supply any quantity from 1 off to many thousands off and are able to design to meet customers’ electrical specification or can build to print. The company was acquired by KAMIC Group in October 2018.

About KAMIC Group
KAMIC Group is a corporate group consisting of nearly 30 companies active in trade and manufacturing each of which aims to be a leading supplier of technical products and services to many well-defined product and market niches. It includes two specialist magnetic components businesses, SIGA Electronics and ETAL Group. ETAL develops, manufactures and sells magnetic components to a world-wide market through offices in Europe, Asia and through distribution partners in an additional 20 countries. KAMIC Group is present in 12 countries in Northern Europe, Asia and the US, and employs around 700 people. Its annual net revenue amounts to some SEK 2 billion. Many of our customers are multinational industrial companies with global manufacturing.

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