Adaptsys supplies Re-flex II to MCM Portugal, raising packaging productivity 300%

In-house carrier-tape forming cuts costs, boosts throughput, increases flexibility

Petersfield, UK,  25 November 2021 – Adaptsys, leaders in component carrier tape manufacture, today announced it has supplied the Re-flex II pocket tape system to Mário Da Costa Martins & Filho (MCM), a supplier of specialist automotive parts based in Braga, Portugal.

MCM chose Re-flex II to help scale-up capacity for packaging small components produced in-house, responding to an increase in customer orders. The parts are traditionally delivered to customers inMCM image 3_sml continuous carrier tape wound on standard reels that can be loaded directly into automated placement equipment.

Having commissioned a new high-speed taping system to place and seal the components individually in the pocketed carrier tape, the company’s engineering team discovered how they could add extra automation with Re-flex II and further increase packaging throughput.

“Re-flex II lets us create our own pocket tape, from plain carrier tape, on demand,” explains MCM’s spokesperson. “This has increased our production line productivity by 300%, as well as saving tape-purchasing and inventory-management overheads.”

The Re-flex II system is designed to be fitted with standard-sized reels of plain carrier tape. Drawing the tape into the machine, the pockets are thermo-formed at regularly spaced intervals, operating at a linear tape speed of up to four metres per minute. The pocketed tape can then be wound onto another reel to be stored or used immediately in a subsequent taping process. The system can be configured toMCM image 6_sml create pockets conforming to the required dimensions and the setup can be changed over quickly when needed, with minimal training.

Assisted by Adaptsys and V-TEK, which supplied the TM500 taping system, MCM has arranged to feed the pocketed tape from the Re-flex II directly into the component taper, permitting the entire packaging process to operate for extended periods without intervention. The two systems interact intelligently to coordinate the pocket-forming and component-taping operations. If taping has to stop for any reason, the Re-flex II automatically pauses until the issue is cleared. As soon as the taping system is ready to restart, the Re-flex II resumes tape forming.

“For most Re-flex II users, the cost saving achieved by thermo-forming pocket tape in-house can deliver a return on their initial investment within 12 months,” said James Cawkell, Technical Director of Adaptsys. “MCM has derived an even greater advantage through the massive increase in productivity, enabled by greatly reducing operator intervention in the taping process and increasing throughput.”

Gaining the ability to create standard or custom pockets in plain carrier tape, on demand, all Re-flex II owners can benefit from greatly increased flexibility, as well as protection against supply-chain risks. MCM has shown how Re-flex II can also maximise component-packaging productivity, to help small companies make the most of big opportunities.

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About Adaptsys
Adaptsys is an innovative system solutions company that supplies the electronics and precision mechanical manufacturing industries. For over 15 years, Adaptsys has distributed for the world’s leading names in device programmers, tape & reel and carrier tape. Adaptsys also offers a range of its own products, including custom tape and integrated programming systems.

The company’s customers rely on its industry knowledge and technical support capabilities to help in finding solutions to their current and future production needs.

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About Re-flex II by Adapsys
Re-flex II by Adaptsys is a simple but effective way of producing carrier tape pockets in-house.  By replacing the high cost of purchasing pre-formed carrier tape with the far less expensive flat tape material that is used by Re-flex II, a Return on Investment can be achieved within one year.

Through challenging other well-known issues of lengthy lead times, expensive shipping and sizeable storage requirements long since associated with existing component packing approaches, this new technology provides carrier tape as and when required which, in turn, guarantees substantial improvements in lead time to market and stock control.

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